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I’m Roger Filmyer, a Data Scientist at Distilled Identity

I love everything from visualization to analysis, and the ability to see new information in interesting ways. I just got my Master’s in Data Science from New College of Florida. Before this, I was a data analyst at Turo.

In my spare time, I enjoy photography, travelling, and just walking around the city.

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My Latest Blog Post

Strava Heatmaps in Haiti

Last November, Strava released a feature called the Global Heatmap on their labs page. This weekend, a number of security analysts used this map to show the importance of military device security. When focused on countries like Djibouti, Syria, or Somalia, the map clearly shows Western military outposts that might otherwise be nondescript airstrips, near-impossible to find in vast desert expanses… So much cool stuff to be done. Outposts around Mosul (or locals who enjoy running in close circles around their houses): pic.